MyDjSpace – Where DJs Promote Their Mixes

Name: MyDjSpace

A niche social service, you can guess exactly what kind of public MyDjSpace is aiming at. Yes, that’s right: DJs, and people who consume electronic music regularly. The former are given a splendid chance to promote their own work online, while the latter are enabled to catch wind of the latest sounds well before they become part of the mainstream.

The music that is featured on this website is split in three main categories: “DJ Mix Charts”, “Track Charts” and “Remix Charts”. And there’s also a section in which featured artists are spotlighted, one by one.

That is, those who want to promote their music right on the homepage of MyDjSpace can do so by buying credits, and have their mixes placed right where everybody can see them. If your profile hits seem to be falling like leaves in autumn, this feature should be all you need in order to start setting thing to right. Continue reading

Turn Your iPad Into A Fully-featured DJ System

dj turntable djay

If you are the kind who entertains DJ notions and you have been a good boy this year, then this is what you should ask Santa for.

Presented by Algoriddim, Djay is an application that will turn your iPad into a hefty DJ setup. Once installed and launched, the iPad will take after two turn tables and a mixer which has tons of options. For example, you can instruct the app to detect beats and tempos automatically, and also get down to some visual mixing using audio waveforms. And when you have had enough of mixing but the party is still going on strong, then you can just activate the Automix mode and let Djay do the honors while you hit the floor.

As it was only to be expected, any song that you have in your music library can be mixed using Djay.

Oh, and just in case Santa fails to deliver the goods, Djay retails at $ 20. – For The DJ In Everybody


Name: Tony-b Machine

Every rock & roller has got a bit of a shady past that hangs like a sword of Damocles over his head. I am no exception. Before listening to The Who, before listening to Oasis, before listening to The Sex Pistols… can you ever dare to guess which artist I intently listened to?

DJ Bobo.

Those of you who are still reading (and who haven’t wiped MusicKO from their bookmarks after such debilitating news) would be less shocked when you learn I was that keen on DJ Bobo only because my older brother (always a role model to me) was a rabid fan of electronic music. And you will feel relieved when I tell you that I never, ever lay a hand on his Ace Of Base and 2 Unlimited CDs.

[My brother from behind my back:] Hey, have you seen my copy of “The Sign”? Wait, here it is, what was it doing in your backpack??

Shit, man!! Keep quiet for a second, will you?!


Before it gets any worse I am telling you about this new app.

Named the Tony-b Machine, it will let you create your very own piece of electronic music. And the way you can get around doing that is dead clever (and entertaining, too). You simply pick the relevant effects (”Kick”, “Snare”, “Hi Hat” and “Cymbal”) and push the pertinent keys as you go along.

Tonyb Console

The results are actually very impressive, and one of the best bits is that you can proceed to save and upload them for everybody to listen to. Continue reading

Using 2 iPads As If They Were A Turntable

Steve Jobs and the guys at Apple were sure the iPad was going to do fine, but sales so far have proven to surpass all their expectations. People are finding more and more uses every day, and some result in the kind of press an entrepreneur can only dream about. I am thinking about the 99-year old woman who now uses the slate to read books – she suffers from glaucoma and the device lets her adapt the size of the text until she can read it comfortably. You can watch that video (now a viral hit) here.

And what’s in store for musicians? Well, the first radical usage of an iPad involves taking two of them and creating a turntable by combining both devices. The person who came up with the idea is Rana June Sobhany, well-known for her extensive coverage on mobile devices and the way they can make life easier for musicians. You can learn more about her by checking her website.

The video below shows the way the combination is done, and the results it can yield.

Spreaker – Social Radio Come True


Name: Spreaker

Not every person with thoughts to share about his favorite artists will sit down and tend to a blog or a personal site. The thing is, there are not really that many other options, and none I can think of is as accessible as blogging.

Well, that is set to change thanks to a startup like Spreaker. We can call it a social web radio service. The site will empower just anybody to create his own radio and broadcast whenever he feels like doing it. There are no fees of any kind to be met, as both royalties and bandwidth expenses are covered by Spreaker.

This means that you can host your own talk show and (for example) invite people from you local music scene that you are in good terms with. You can also create a show devoted to your favorite band and play its songs left, right and center. Hint: if you tune in and catch a radio that plays The Who indiscriminately you know who is behind it. Continue reading

RjDj – Turning Music Into Something Truly Interactive


Name: RjDj

The technology we have available today might not have been put to the best use when it came to engaging users. That is the lasting impression I was left with after browsing through this site. The company (a transatlantic one) builds iPhone apps that take the music created by electronic artists, and then it lets you come up with tunes of your own by using the accelerometer from the iPhone along with the sounds that surround you. This is what the company calls “reactive music”. That is, music marked by activeness on the user instead of the passiveness of sitting while a song is playing, merely tapping your fingers away and so on.
Continue reading