We Love Festivals – A Social Network For Festival Goers


Name: We Love Festivals
URL: http://www.welovefestivals.com
There are many social networks that are aimed at music lovers, and many are a bit similar for my liking. This particular one, on the other hand, did really catch my glance. Not because the basic premise is revolutionary or anything like that, but only because I found it incredibly useful.

You see, this particular networking site is aimed at festival goers. Here, they can meet up with other people keen on attending such events, chat until they run out of breath, and share media recorded at the festivals they have attended.

Of course, the site also makes it possible for users to learn all about forthcoming events, and find out every single piece of information whatsoever – time, admission fees, who is playing…And you can buy tickets effortlessly through the site, too.

I concede that all this information can be procured through other sources, but here not only do you have it centralized – you have the marked human factor that singles social sites out time and again.

It goes without saying that the site is free. Becoming a member costs nothing, and posting whatever you want is free too. And the time to visit a site like this one has never been more suitable now that the “Woodstock” movie is arising interest in music gatherings like never before.

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