Flashbck – Reliving Gigs & Festivals

FlashbckName: Flashbck
URL: http://www.flashbck.com

Flashbck is a new service that lets people relive all the gigs and festivals they have attended. On the site, people can upload all their videos and pictures in order to let others see the shows that they have been to right through their eyes

Images are used to create something comparable to a slideshow that can be shared with all your friends. If they wanted to attend the gig and they couldn’t make it, they will be getting the story straight from you. And if they did manage to attend it, then they will be able to add their own insights and images to what you have uploaded. And being able to tag friends just adds to the sheer fun of it all.

Plus, the ability to start following both your favorite bands and venues will give you the chance to learn about upcoming shows the minute they are announced. Continue reading

G2 – Simplifying The Way Bands Are Booked


Name: G2
URL: http://www.g2.fm

This site was created by a group of musicians who felt frustrated with the process in which bands are traditionally booked. If anything, G2 makes everything clear from the word go – the artists and the managers of venues know what they are getting at all times.

That is possible because the site lets everybody have a profile in which everything is clearly set down. If you are a performer, you let everybody know which kind of music you can play, and you do that in the most representative fashion you could imagine – you upload a video of your band in action. In that way, managers of venues get to listen and see you as you rock out.

On the other hand, if you have a club you can not only browse through the pages of artists but actually create a calendar showcasing which slots you have to fill. Interested bands can approach you in a bid to get the gig. Continue reading

We Love Festivals – A Social Network For Festival Goers


Name: We Love Festivals
URL: http://www.welovefestivals.com
There are many social networks that are aimed at music lovers, and many are a bit similar for my liking. This particular one, on the other hand, did really catch my glance. Not because the basic premise is revolutionary or anything like that, but only because I found it incredibly useful.

You see, this particular networking site is aimed at festival goers. Here, they can meet up with other people keen on attending such events, chat until they run out of breath, and share media recorded at the festivals they have attended. Continue reading

RockMy Events – Putting Gigs & Events On The Map


Name: RockMy Events

URL: http://www.rockmyevents.com

Traditionally, it was always possible to miss on this or the other artist when he or she came to town, even if you were a big fan of music in general. And I am talking about “established” artists. Now, if we were to move into Indie music it was always even harder to know what was going on unless you had some kind of direct connection with the band, or were in their (very) close geographical vicinity.

That is a thing of the past. Now things are far, far removed from that context. I dare say we have gone from one extreme to the other, as services like Twitter ensure that we have access to so much information that picking out which gig to attend can take longer than it took Pete Townshend to present “Lifehouse” to the world as he had originally intended it. Continue reading