Free Uruguayan Music For Download: “Espiral” By Miguel Campal & Grubb’s Self-titled Album

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on April 21, 2011

"Espiral" By Miguel Campal

"Espiral" By Miguel Campal

“Espiral” [Spiral] is the debut album of Miguel Campal (download link), a Uruguayan musician and producer who is better-known around this pleasant side of the globe as the guitar player for Grubb.

Obviously, that name might mean nothing to you in the States (in the same way that normal folks here have no idea who Willard Grant Conspiracy or Drive-by Truckers are) so a few quick facts are in order:

1) They play a mixture of rock, funk and soul, and they play it well.

2) They issued an 8-song EP in 2008, including both studio recordings and live cuts.

3) They have just issued their first full-length studio album. It has 11 tracks, and it can be downloaded for free on their website. (The same goes for their debut EP.)

4) Beady Eyes’ debut album is surprisingly solid. Nothing to do with Grubb, I know. But it’s what I’ve listening to for the last couple of days, and I had to mention it somewhere. And I promised never to cover Oasis again to the God of the Sun. Don’t know if that also means not writing about Liam’s new band, but can’t risk the wrath of the gods falling over my fragile head (which is already hurting since I listened to Five For Fighting’s “Slice” last Monday).

Grubb's First Full-length Album

Grubb's First Full-length Album

I am working on full reviews both of Miguel’s album, and of Grubb’s newly-issued CD. When I’m ready (IE, when I have enough bad jokes to fill an entire review with) I will post them on the Uruguayan Unsigned/Independent artists category. Until then, regale your ears with Miguel and Grubb’s music. Downloading for free is a bit like stealing, isn’t it? Go ahead, download Miguel and Grubb’s shellacs, and get the inherent kick that comes from being a teenage delinquent who stuffs music albums into his leather jacket before dashing out of a store.

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