Free Uruguayan Music For Download: ELSANTOREMEDIO’s debut album

Uruguayan Reggae Band ELSANTOREMEDIO Playing Live.

Uruguayan reggae band ELSANTOREMEDIO has recently released its eponymous debut album, and it stands as the perfect soundtrack for listening to while walking down electric avenue. And then taking things higher, of course.

Originally formed in 2006, ELSANTOREMEDIO cites Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Max Romeo, Bob Marley, Aswad and Sly & Robbie as key references.

The band itself brings together two different generations of musicians, as about half of its members come from ‘80s band “Tablas de la Ley” (one of the earliest exponents of Uruguayan reggae), with the remaining members being from a younger generation of performers.

Current members of ELSANTOREMEDIO are Alejandro Lerman (keyboards), Javier Díaz (drums), Dario Silva (bass), JuanPe Lago (guitar), Tuco Lena (guitar), Nicolás Davis (guitar), Pato Chiva (percussion) and Bruno Terra (vocals). Special guests include Sol Bauzá on backing vocals and Oscar Pereira (who has also produced the record) on brass.

You can get the full album (11 tracks) at no cost here. And this is their MySpace profile.