5 YouTube Video Channels You Are Sure To Like

1- La Blogotheque

A fan favorite, La Blogotheque showcases the works of filmmaker Vincent Moon. The Parisian director shoots clips of bands performing all over his hometown. Unusual settings are always favored: the back of cars, rooftops, the bathrooms of hotels… Very cool – check it out.

2- The Alternate Side

Based in New York, The Alternate Side highlights some of the best Indie talent. The station has a full studio where they can recreate their best music to the hilt.


A bit like MTV’s unplugged, the video channel for SPIN magazine has artists performing in clean spaces. Although it mostly highlights newer bands, established acts are also featured.

4- The Great Performers

Need to take a small break from rock & roll? Well, this is going to do the trick. It features performances from full orchestras and virtuosos. And lovers of classical music will just be in their element, of course.

5- MuppetsStudio

Many of us got our first sampling of rock & roll through the Muppets, so it is only fair to include their channel. The classic TV show has featured reworkings of seminal tracks from its very beginning (sometimes with the collaboration of the actual stars, as Elton John’s performance of “Crocodile Rock), and if you want to introduce your children or some smaller relatives to works like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Stand By Me” this is as approachable as it gets. Plus, Monster was allegedly based on Keith Moon. Radical, man.