For Those Who Thought That Rebecca Black Was Bad Enough…

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on March 28, 2011

The whole Internet is immersed on a debate regarding the merits of Rebecca Black. On the one hand, many critics denounce her for having lowered the tone beyond all recognizable limits. On the other hand, an artist such as Lady Gaga calls her an outright genius.

I wonder what people on either side of the argument will say when they get to watch this video. Created by Disasteradio, it shows us that there is always some new pit to fall into.

The song is called “Gravy Rainbow”. Disasteradio’s album can be downloaded for free from its bandcamp profile. You look for the link at your own peril – I am not including it here. Having shared the video for “Gravy Rainbow” has been debilitating-enough…

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