Rebecca Black’s New Single Is Released: “Person Of Interest”

"Person Of Interest" Is Rebecca Black's Newest Single

One of the most-discussed (and also most-reviled) figures of last year is back for more. Internet artist Rebecca Black has just released her third single. It’s called “Person Of Interest”, and it revolves around the relationship of a girl (played by Rebecca) with a Justin Bieber look-alike.

As you can see, it’s a much better effort than her debut, the widely-despised “Friday”. Yet, that hasn’t stopped haters for voting it down on YouTube. As of the time of writing this, it has received no less than 75,000 dislikes (almost twice the number of likes it has got).

And the comments the video has received are primarily negative, with people picking on her lyrics, her singing, her looks… That can’t be helped, of course. It’s hard to think of Rebecca shaking her legacy anytime soon.

And you? What do you think of Rebecca’s newest song? Is it a step forward, or is it basically more of the same? Just to refresh your memory, this is “Friday”:

How To Use Social Media To Become Famous

famous musicianIf used correctly, social media can break you into the music industry not only faster but also far more notoriously. Rebecca Black is the latest example of Internet stardom, and when you know the full facts and how much money it actually took her to get the video for “Friday” together ($ 4000 – her mother paid for it) then the one conclusion to be reached is that just anybody can do it.

And Rebecca Black is also a perfectly illustrative example if only because she has fallen prey to the derision that always besets such artists, with her “hit” quickly becoming the most-hated song on the Internet (it has almost 2 million “dislikes”, as opposed to 250,000 “likes”)

So, how could these pitfalls be avoided? How can a social presence be established and nurtured in the healthiest way of all?

I think that a basic analysis would let us agree on the following points:

1) Make sure you are picking the right social site.

Should you go for MySpace or Facebook in order to begin promoting your art? Up until now, MySpace used to be the social site of choice for musicians. Yet, the network has recently withstood one blow after the other – its userbase has been dwindling (owing in no small part to the proliferation of platforms like Bandcamp and ReverbNation), and key staff has been rotating to the point it’s downright difficult to keep track of all comings and goings. The coup d’ grace came last week, as owner Rupert Murdoch announced that he was putting the site for sale (and for a pittance of its real value at that).

When pressed to make a choice, Internet artists like Lady Gaga have always gone for Facebook. Just compare Gaga’s 1.5 million friends on MySpace to the more than 31 million “likes” she has on Facebook. And Gaga actually makes extensive use of her Twitter account, just like Justin Bieber does. Doing cross over content is an integral part of the game, and micro-sharing platforms like Twitter are always used in tandem with social networking sites to truly connect with audiences.

2) Know how to market your music intelligently.

Upload tracks for your fans to listen at no cost. If you are an unknown, not many would be willing to pay for the privilege of listening to your songs. By letting them listen to what you do for free, you will be giving people the impression that all you really want to do is spread your message, regardless of monetary considerations. And that’s all the encouragement many would need to try your music out. Continue reading

For Those Who Thought That Rebecca Black Was Bad Enough…

The whole Internet is immersed on a debate regarding the merits of Rebecca Black. On the one hand, many critics denounce her for having lowered the tone beyond all recognizable limits. On the other hand, an artist such as Lady Gaga calls her an outright genius.

I wonder what people on either side of the argument will say when they get to watch this video. Created by Disasteradio, it shows us that there is always some new pit to fall into.

The song is called “Gravy Rainbow”. Disasteradio’s album can be downloaded for free from its bandcamp profile. You look for the link at your own peril – I am not including it here. Having shared the video for “Gravy Rainbow” has been debilitating-enough…

Rebbeca Black Is Covered By… Bob Dylan?!

 It Was Only To Be Expected - Rebecca Black Has Begun Getting Covers Of Their Own. But The Actual Quality Of These Covers Has Surprised Everybody.

It Was Only To Be Expected - Rebecca Black Has Begun Getting Covers Of Her Own.

No, not really. What has just happened is that her recent viral hit (“Friday”) has started being parodied/covered by the dozen. And one of these comes from nobody else but a Bob Dylan impersonator that has really been doing his homework.

Here you have the clip. And you can also watch two more remarkable versions below: one that is banjo-driven, and another which has been embedded into the timeless (no pun intended) Groundhog Day .

Bob Dylan

Banjo Version

Groundhog Day

Is Rebecca Black The New Justin Bieber?

Singer/songwriter Rebecca Black Has Got A Lot Of Attention Recently, But The Adoration Is Clearly Being Ironic.

Singer/songwriter Rebecca Black Has Got A Lot Of Attention Recently, But The Adoration Is Clearly Being Ironic.

Rebecca Black is a singer/songwriter that has become publicly-known after her song “Friday” was derisorily mentioned by comedian Michael J. Nelson on a tweet. Nelson remarked that the clip Rebecca shot for “Friday” answered the question of “What’s the worst video ever made?” more or less uniformly.

Interest on her picked up from there. Rebecca got a mention on the Comedy Central series Tosh.0, and she has been a trending topic on Twitter for the last couple of days.

Her song “Friday” has been written off time and again, but some were also quick to point that even though the song is a million miles away from being a masterpiece, it has a certain catchiness that hints at (some) potential.

I guess it’s all going to be a matter of which career moves Rebecca makes now, while all eyes are on her…