What Makes A Video Go Viral?

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on February 7, 2011

Just what makes a video go viral? Read on…

Just what makes a video go viral? Read on…

Ahh, if only that question had a univocal answer… But nothing is ever that simple.

Well, it doesn’t need to be as hard as not laughing at Miley Cyrus’ “rebellious” self either. Check the infograph included below (originally published on tech blog Mashable), and see if you can learn (and put to effective use) a thing or two.

Part of the information is obvious (like the shorter the clip, the more likely it will be to be passed along), and part of it is obvious and impressive at the same time – Facebook amounts to as much as three-quarters of online shares of video clips. That is more than Twitter and email taken together. But thing like “Southerners watch and Midwesterners share” are sure to come as revelatory to many.

Let’s see how you can maximize this data when it comes to creating promo clips to spread your music around…

what is shared on social media

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