The Final Time XTC Faced An Audience

I found this clip yesterday, when looking for a suitable video to illustrate the review of “Upsy Daisy Assortment”. I must admit that watching it was quite unsettling, but I am glad I did. I must also say I had no idea that incident was tapped, thanks to the original uploader.

According to Chris Twomey (author of “Chalkhills & Children”) what happened next was that the band followed Andy backstage to find him doubled on the floor, retching. Terry seems to have had a go at him, while Colin and Dave realized that real trouble loomed ahead.

The title I have chosen for this post is actually a misnomer, because the band did play at least two more gigs (with Andy under extreme duress). But it was that night at Le Palace (Paris, 18th of march, 1982) that their days as a performing unit were finished.