Andy Bull (We Love Festivals) – Interview (Part 1)

This is an interview I conducted with Andy Bull from “We Love Festivals” . As you probably recall, I reviewed the site a couple of weeks ago. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth!

We Love Festivals



Tell us a little about your startup. How was it conceived? What are its most distinctive features in your opinion?

From that feeling you get when you arrive back from a great festival and you want to share your memories with everyone who went

What was the original launch date?

May 26th 2008.

What has been the response so far? In which countries has it been more successful?

Good response, very encouraging. UK, Australia and USA.

What features can we expect to see implemented in future revisions?

Where do we start? Too numerous to mention, but priorities include Facebook App, ‘My Perfect Festival’, Festival recommendation engine, connecting members through location, age and taste.

There is a certain tendency to demonize the Internet in the music industry. I think it is all a matter of perspective – it all depends on the uses it is put to. What is your opinion? In which areas has the Internet left an unquestionably positive mark?

Music industry has to realize the paradigm has changed from selling hard copies to self distribution of digital content. This is positive because talented individuals can expose themselves to the market place more easily and the music industry will always adapt.

What advice could you give to anybody who is launching a music-related startup in the future? What are the obvious mistakes that should be avoided?

Be clear about the objectives in the first year but be ready to adapt based on response.

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