My Five Favorite Keith Moon Drum Breaks

Keith Playing Live In The Mid-70s

Keith Playing Live In The Mid-70s

Ha. That is quite a hard thing to set down, for the mere reason that Moon played a constant drum break from start to finish. This list is made up of personal favorites- I am not saying they are the best, they are just the ones I like best.

Doctor Jimmy

One stormy afternoon I was listening to “Quadrophenia” (the duty of every Who fan when it is stormy outside, you know). While listening to “Doctor Jimmy” the almightiest thunder you could imagine roared and shattered the air, right before the break that you can hear at 05:20. I had always loved it, and from that point onwards it became the one I was the most emotionally attached to from their entire discography.

The Song Is Over

The complex, impossible-to-reproduce-live song from Who’s Next has an incredible break at 02:52. Agree? Disagree?


02:37. The music stops. Keith screams and bashes everything. Classic. And he was so stoned when this session took place that he panicked when he listened to the song on the radio, thinking the band had a new drummer as he couldn’t even recall the session at all. Even more classic! ; )

The Kids Are Alright

A salient track from their debut album, the break I refer to was dumped from the American version. It can be heard before the final verse. You know which one – the one where Keith screams like a lunatic, at 02:00.

I Can’t Explain

The Who’s first single. Keith announces himself at 00:45, adding what he would always add to the band: empathy and a masterful dose of suspense, getting the song on track after a small pause.

Honorary mention:


The song is a break from start to finish. It is impossible to pinpoint a single part. The same can be said about most Who tracks, but I chose this one because it truly resonates with me.

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