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What would you say is the soundtrack to your life? Have you ever really taken a minute or two and thought about it? If you have never done that, this site will make you stop in your tracks and ponder on your musical past.

In essence, it is a community site that lets anybody share his music-related memories such as the first concert he attended, the first album he bought…. If you become a user you will be able to keep your own journal, write reviews of those pieces that have left a mark on you, and recommend them to other people who also visit the site. It is even possible to engage that people by creating lists and competing in music trivia games. Of course, that is a top way of creating bonds. Continue reading

My Five Favorite Keith Moon Drum Breaks

Keith Playing Live In The Mid-70s

Keith Playing Live In The Mid-70s

Ha. That is quite a hard thing to set down, for the mere reason that Moon played a constant drum break from start to finish. This list is made up of personal favorites- I am not saying they are the best, they are just the ones I like best.

Doctor Jimmy

One stormy afternoon I was listening to “Quadrophenia” (the duty of every Who fan when it is stormy outside, you know). While listening to “Doctor Jimmy” the almightiest thunder you could imagine roared and shattered the air, right before the break that you can hear at 05:20. I had always loved it, and from that point onwards it became the one I was the most emotionally attached to from their entire discography. Continue reading