Ted Williams, A Homeless Man In Cleveland Gets An Incredible Second Chance

Until last week, Ted Williams was a homeless man that panhandled on the corner of a highway in Cleveland.

But when Williams was interviewed by videographer Doral Chenoweth III and he had a chance to show his vocals skills, his life took an incredible turn. The video racked more than 5 million views on YouTube, Williams was officially rechristened “Golden-voiced”, and the job offers began pouring in.

Literally. The man who championed Williams’ cause (a Reddit user that is known as Shiggiddie) received no less than 80 offers for Ted in his personal messages over the course of just two days.

That was amazing, the kind of thing one sees in the movies. And things were to get even more cinematographic.

The man began getting mentions in the mainstream media as well, culminating in an appearance on CBS’s The Early Show. There, a deeply touched Ted Williams spoke about the unthinkable chance he has had, and he talked about his forthcoming journey to Brooklyn (his hometown) to be reunited with his 92-year old mother.

And if that wasn’t swell enough, The Cleveland Cavaliers (the ones that Williams seems more likely to end up working with) have also offered him a house.

Any way you look at it, the season of goodwill was particularly magical this time around…