BaxoBeat – All The Songs Your Facebook And Twitter Friends Share In The Same Place

Name: BaxoBeat

More and more each day, social networks are becoming the way in which we catch wind of new stuff. It happens with movies, it happens with TV shows. And it also happens with music, of course. Who hasn’t tweeted a song he’s just discovered, or posted a music video he’s fallen in love with on Facebook? I have done it, you have done it. And so have all our friends. And the result is a mountain of links as big as a small country. Because a fact is a fact: who hasn’t got tons of Facebook and Twitter contacts? If we went by what experts say, we should have no more than about 150 of them. That’s the number normal people can handle, it seems. But no, we’re all born show-offs that have to friend every single thing that moves. And so, we end up having news feeds where the good stuff and the stuff which is insignificant go hand in hand.

And that’s what this new site is here to remedy. BaxoBeat is a service that creates an online library of music links, as posted by you and your social network friends. BaxoBeat lets everybody check his feed everyday, and find nothing but these songs posted by his Facebook buddies and Twitter friends from all over the world. And nothing but that.

As a user of BaxoBeat, you can create a portfolio and share it as publicly or privately as you want. You can let just anybody listen to the same music you listen to, and you can also restrict the access that people have to your music library. Which is important if you claim to listen incessantly to nothing but Lamb Of God and Slayer, when the truth is you also “happen” to listen to a song or two by Maroon 5. Continue reading

Groovebug – Like Flipboard, But Only That For Music

Name: Groovebug

Groovebug is based on a great idea, namely doing for music videos what Fipboard does for social network feeds. In case you’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last couple of months, Flipboard is an iPad app that can take care of collecting all the information that is otherwise distributed all over your favorite social sites, and have it presented as a magazine. This magazine can include everything from pictures to videos, and it can be flipped using the kind of hand gestures that make one feel like a character out of Star Trek.

Well, Groovebug does pretty much the same, but only that for the music you love. Groovebug takes a good look at your iTunes library, and then it uses what it finds there to assemble the pages of a magazine 100% suited to your tastes.

Groovebug is mainly powered by YouTube and The Echo Nest, with a custom aggregation engine also being used in order to retrieve these videos that are going to be displayed. The Echo Nest, incidentally, is one of the hottest new names around – it’s a music intelligence platform that is employed both by heavy-hitters like Spotify and Rdio. Continue reading – Discover And Share The Latest Sounds

Name: Songspin
URL: is here to cater to all your music discovery needs. With its ability to let you pick a genre and produce a random tune after the other for you to go through, it does remind me a lot of Chatroulette. Only that has no unsavory aspects to damage the overall experience of users (or to enhance it beyond belief – I guess both vantage points can hold true).

Rock, Pop, Metal, Indie, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap… all these genres are already supported. You simply pick the one that makes you go all noddy, bang the “SPIN” button and squeeze your headphones with your mitts if you like what comes in. And if you don’t, then you simple hit “SPIN” again. Ease of use? Up there, with Odin and Thor.

And also has a social dimension to it, for those who are really popular on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can share the best selections that they come across when using the site, and start influencing their counterparts in a way not possible ever since Yahoo! insensitively pulled the plug on GeoCities.

MPlayr – Listen To Music Charts On Your Browser

Name: MPlayr

MPlayr is one of the best ways to stay abreast of what is being played on some of the most representative music charts the world over. On this site, you can tune into the US and the UK music charts, and learn what sounds are trending there. And I mean it – the site lets you do more than just read a list of songs ranking in either territory, it actually lets you listen to them online. That can be done directly on your browser. You won’t have to download anything, and you won’t have to pay anything either.

What’s more, the site has a chart devoted to iTunes. Again – you can see what’s hot in there, and listen to it straight in your browser.

Other meritorious aspects of MPlayr include letting people look up both new and old songs and have them played on the fly, and letting users create playlists they can then share with all their friends on Facebook (the one service which is used for signing in). Continue reading Relaunches As A Platform For Sharing Music In A More Global Way

The name of might as well be familiar to those of you who are active on the Twitterverse. The site launched about one year and a half ago, and it basically stood as a Twitter-powered platform for the sharing of songs. Then again, you might not. It didn’t pick that much traction, despite some famous musicians (most notably rappers) singing it praises. Well, is back with a vengeance – the whole platform has been revamped in order to let people share music on practically all the main social networking sites available today.



This is how it works. People who join (it costs nothing) can link their MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and accounts together, and share their own music (and the music that they have discovered online) with everybody and his wife. That is, provided everybody and/or his wife can access the Internet in one way or the other. But I think we can count on that in this day and age, right?

And the discovery quotient of the whole platform is pretty high, since users can follow their friends and see what music they have been sharing/uploading more recently. Continue reading – Share The Songs You Like With Your Facebook Friends

URL: is a new music discovery app. It has already been termed a shareable version of iTunes on some tech blogs, and that’s pretty accurate as can track all the music that you are playing and generate a list with your favorite songs. This list will then be shared with all your friends.

And when I say “all your friends”, you should take that literally – uses your Facebook account in order to work. All your social network friends who also have the app installed (and who choose to follow you) will receive this automatically-generated list, and learn first-hand which music you love best.

Still, it’s important to mention that not simply because you have played something that particular song will be part of your list. When using, you are actually empowered to remove tracks manually from the finished list before it is sent to all the people who are following you. Continue reading

Myna Music – Discover Music Through Music

MynaMusicName: Myna Music

The music recommendation services that we have today invariably revolve around one thing: metadata keywords. And one has to wonder, is it really so difficult to come up with something that little more intelligent? Something that doesn’t necessitate us type word after word describing what we are looking for, or individualizing several different songs for an automated system to produce results that might be completely off the target.

That is what this new service aims to revolutionize. It is named Myna, and it basically lets you discover new music to listen to by having songs that you like played and analyzed using a proprietary system.

In their own words:

“Myna listens to and comprehends music directly, making it possible to search based on mood, sound, or texture or autonomously generate highly-personalized music playlists — all without metatags.” Continue reading

Bandhack – Local Bands On Facebook


Name: Bandhack

Bandhack is a directory of local bands and shows on Facebook. Through this site, you will be able to know all about these bands that are coming together right where you live, and about the activity of the ones that are already well-established. You’ll get to know about their upcoming gigs, and you’ll also get your hands on their latest media (including videos and audio recordings)

To me, what gives Bandhack its edge is that the content is pulled directly from the pages of the bands in question. This means that the content is always up-to-date – if there’s any kind of change in schedules, for example, that will be reflected immediately on Bandhack.

And using the site is a piece of cake. You just log in with your Facebook account, and all the relevant local activity becomes accessible in a snap.

Meet Vevo’s Emerging Artists Program

     Launched Its Emerging Artists Program To Foster And Nurture New Talent. The First Artists To Be Picked Up Is British Singer/Songwriter Jessie J.

Launched Its Emerging Artists Program To Foster And Nurture New Talent. The First Artists To Be Picked Up Is British Singer/Songwriter Jessie J.

Presented by Vevo, the Emerging Artists Program is an initiative that aims to jumpstart new talent. The featured artists are all chosen by Vevo, and they are mostly people who have worked with established artists before.

For example, the first to have been chosen is a singer/songwriter named Jessie J. Hailing from the UK, this girl has penned songs for Miley Cyrus, no less.

Users will be able to watch interviews, tweet the featured artists, have access to behind-the-scene footage and (obviously-enough) watch live performances.

And not-so-obviously-enough, users will also be allowed to listen to standalone audio tracks. That is a first for a video site, actually. YouTube (which has a partner program of its own) does not offer such a option.

Besides, users who promote any emerging artist on Facebook will get a chance to win tickets and merchandise.

I don’t know what you think, but it looks to me as if the Justin Bieber army were about to swell ranks…

Radio Tuna – Find New Radio Stations To Listen To Based On Your Tastes


Name: Radio Tuna

Do you remember Durocast? That was a site I reviewed in 2010 that let you find new music to listen to based on your geographical location. Well, Radio Tuna is a comparable site. It will let you find radio stations to tune into, but the one difference is that here the discovery process is artist-focused.

That is, on Radio Tuna the search process is initiated by specifying who you want to listen to. And it is also possible to pick a genre and center your whole search on that. Rock, blues, Latin, classical, electronic and dance are all supported genres.

In any case, you can always carry a search by station. This means that if you are traveling abroad you will always be able to find your best-loved station and listen to your favorite shows, even if you are further away from home than Jason and his ever-loyal argonauts.

Plus, if you have a music blog you will be able to get the provided widget and let your visitors listen to any song they like as they are going through your posts. Neat.