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Clean Tab

Name: Clean Tab

Clean Tab is a site that will make any guitar’s player day. It collects together tabs for most popular bands and displays them using cutting-edge technology (it is the first site of its nature that I have seen which uses HTML5, for example).

Also, the site comes with full support for social networking services (IE; Facebook and its cronies) so that sharing any tab that you find and that lets you replicate your guitar heroes to the tee is a piece of cake.

The site can be browsed by genre and by artist, and the ones that are better-represented are actually highlighted on the main page for you to know about new bands to try out, although I doubt you will make any new discovery there – the artists which are showcased are all of stature, like The Beatles, The Who and David Bowie.

At the end of the day, this is quite a useful resource. Some (thankfully minor) mistakes in the titles of songs like “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground” are definitely balanced by the inclusion of worldwide artists like Soda Estereo (a very popular band from Argentina, and one that is a significant  part of every person living in the River Plate region who is over 25). If you are building up a library of online guitar resources, you might like to take a closer look.

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