Bassicly – Listen To Dance/Bass Music From All Over The Web In The Same Place


Name: Bassicly

People who get their thrills from dance and bass-oriented music should definitely make a point of checking this site. Bassicly aggregates dubstep, grime and drumstep tracks found on sites like YouTube, and lets people listen to them using a handy interface.

All you have to do is launch a search and start singling out these songs that are up your street. And integration with’s Scobbler service makes for creating a playlist in an even more resonant way.

Of course, you can also listen to these tracks that people have been “loving” (IE, favoriting) the most and pick the best sounds like that.

And Bassicly is a site that can be used without having to pay a penny, too. If your enthusiasm for any of the genres mentioned above can’t be rivaled, a visit to Bassicly will just make it stand stronger than ever.

Clean Tab – Guitar Tabs For The Rest Of Us

Clean Tab

Name: Clean Tab

Clean Tab is a site that will make any guitar’s player day. It collects together tabs for most popular bands and displays them using cutting-edge technology (it is the first site of its nature that I have seen which uses HTML5, for example).

Also, the site comes with full support for social networking services (IE; Facebook and its cronies) so that sharing any tab that you find and that lets you replicate your guitar heroes to the tee is a piece of cake.

The site can be browsed by genre and by artist, and the ones that are better-represented are actually highlighted on the main page for you to know about new bands to try out, although I doubt you will make any new discovery there – the artists which are showcased are all of stature, like The Beatles, The Who and David Bowie. Continue reading