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Having a band member as the sole manager of the band always causes trouble. And the same applies if a relative or a friend takes the reins. Something like that happened to The Clash. And there are also bands like 10,000 Maniacs in which an original member was actually keen on managing but ended up playing something (that is the case of keyboardist Dennis Drew). It is better to concentrate on making music and letting the minutia to someone who is not attached to the band or its members.

Now, suppose there was a solution that dispensed completely with the minutia of day to day management and which presented everything in a setting which is completely fresh and dynamic. That is exactly what Band Central does. It is a sort of HUB where you can keep track of the activity of the band, see a calendar of forthcoming activities and interact with your fans as well as among buddies.

What’s more, it comes complete with a financial manager. Finances are known to break many a band’s back (just think of The Who and countless bands from the 60’s that were managed haphazardly), and that is why such a feature is very, very useful.

You can check the site out right here. A free trial is available, and you will have up to 5 GB to host everything. In case you don’t know how much that is, just imagine that there is enough room in there for storing every album Elvis released during his lifetime and every single compilation that was released afterwards. Got the idea? Good.

Very cool site, check it out and see if it clicks with you.

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