Cindy Lauper Performs “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” When Stranded In Argentina

Something bizarre for the weekend… Cindy Lauper recently found herself stranded at Jorge Newbery Airport in Argentina, and when the wait became just too bloody long for everybody she did the only thing she could do: seize a microphone and entertain the crowd.

This is her performing her signature song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”:

It is hard to watch this and not think of Kanye West’s recent stunt on a Delta flight in which he took over the PA and regaled passengers with performances of the songs “Gold Digger” and “Good Life.”

Which was not bad a move at all. Yet, the “Imma let you finish” incident is a hard bone to chew. He will have to exert himself even more…

Have Atomic Tom Come Up With The Best iPhone Band Performance So Far?

Atomic Tom Have Put Together What Must Rank As The Best iPhone Band Performances So Far.

Atomic Tom Have Delivered What Must Rank As The Best iPhone Band Performance So Far.

The story goes that the members of Atomic Tom got their instruments stolen, but that couldn’t keep them from making music.

So, when they were on the NYC subway they got out their iPhones and began playing “Take Me Out” (the first single from “The Moment”) with them,while someone conveniently shot the entire performance. Oh, and what’s even more convenient is that within minutes it was uploaded to Atomic Tom’s official YouTube account.

But who cares about that? What matters is the band performance they managed to pull off. I frankly think it is the best iPhone band performance we have seen so far. Way better than the Stanford iPhone orchestra for sure.

You can judge it for yourself by watching the full video (embedded below).

“The Moment” is Atomic Tom’s debut album. You can learn more about the band here.

Jackie Evancho Becomes The Newest Online Singing Sensation

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho, a ten-year old soprano from Pittsburgh has become the newest online sensation after a recent performance at the YouTube edition of “America’s Got Talent”. This is the full clip.

What do you think – are we witnessing a new rising star of the caliber of Susan Boyle, or will it all be a passing fad?

Band Central – Resources For Musicians


Name: Band Central


Having a band member as the sole manager of the band always causes trouble. And the same applies if a relative or a friend takes the reins. Something like that happened to The Clash. And there are also bands like 10,000 Maniacs in which an original member was actually keen on managing but ended up playing something (that is the case of keyboardist Dennis Drew). It is better to concentrate on making music and letting the minutia to someone who is not attached to the band or its members.

Now, suppose there was a solution that dispensed completely with the minutia of day to day management and which presented everything in a setting which is completely fresh and dynamic. That is exactly what Band Central does. It is a sort of HUB where you can keep track of the activity of the band, see a calendar of forthcoming activities and interact with your fans as well as among buddies. Continue reading