Durocast – Listen To Worldwide Radio On Your Computer


Name: DuroCast
URL: http://www.durocast.com

“What if, like the radios commonly found in cars and stereos, there was an online central hub providing easy access to thousands of real radio stations, both local and national?”

That is the inspiration behind DuroCast, a startup company that hails from Portland. Its founders are Bryce Clemmer, Matt Polzin and Elliot Swan.

DuroCast empowers people to listen to radio stations from anywhere in the United States, Canada and some parts of South America (yes!). The idea is that users will be able not just to listen to their favorite radio stations, but actually discover new ones as they go along. Eventually, they will build up their own personalized radio dashboards, centralizing all the good music that they have found. And the best bit is that these radio dashboards are instantly shareable.

That’s very interesting, and I’m always delighted to see startup companies that have a global vision from the very beginning. I can count the number of startups that I have reviewed in the past which took South America into consideration on one hand. Granted, few stations are featured so far (I came across two in Argentina, two in Brazil and none in my country) but it’s very gratifying to know that such a groundwork has already been laid.

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