Vote For Your Favorite American Idol Using Facebook

From Next Thursday On, You Will Be Able To Vote For Your Favorite American Idol Using Facebook

You Will Now Be Able To Vote For Your Favorite American Idol Using Facebook

American Idol is about to unveil a dedicated Facebook page letting fans vote for their favorite contestants.

The idea is that they will be allowed to cast their ballots up to 50 times during the designated voting period for each broadcast.

This comes across as a really appealing alternative to the clogged lines and busy signals that most of us have experienced when trying to vote for “our” idol. Not to say that anything which keeps these relentless SMS marketers at bay is nothing short of heaven-sent.

If all goes well, online voting will be implemented for the very next installment of American Idol (March 1).

Finally, The Beatles Are On iTunes

 At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

At Long Last, The Beatles Are On iTunes

It took longer than it took the surviving members of The Who to record a comeback album (slight exaggeration), but on the 16th of November of this year The Beatles’ music has finally become available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

That date is anything but coincidental, of course. It was on such a date that the band’s first video clip was shown on American television. That was a good couple of months before they disembarked on American soil and hysteria broke loose.

If you visit the iTunes Store right now, you will see that the band has taken over the page completely.

This comes after years of discussions between Apple, EMI and Apple Corps (the outfit founded by The Beatles). Continue reading

Durocast – Listen To Worldwide Radio On Your Computer


Name: DuroCast

“What if, like the radios commonly found in cars and stereos, there was an online central hub providing easy access to thousands of real radio stations, both local and national?”

That is the inspiration behind DuroCast, a startup company that hails from Portland. Its founders are Bryce Clemmer, Matt Polzin and Elliot Swan.

DuroCast empowers people to listen to radio stations from anywhere in the United States, Canada and some parts of South America (yes!). The idea is that users will be able not just to listen to their favorite radio stations, but actually discover new ones as they go along. Eventually, they will build up their own personalized radio dashboards, centralizing all the good music that they have found. And the best bit is that these radio dashboards are instantly shareable. Continue reading

Moof – Listening To Music The Social Way


Name: Moof


In which ways are you currently using the WWW to access these songs that you have always liked, and the ones that you want to listen to for the first time? I bet many of you are already acquainted with the concept of listening to music socially, but if that is alien to you this site is a prime example of how that is achieved and the advantages it can yield. Continue reading

Who Sampled – Resources For Musicians


Name: WhoSampled


Music that is based on other music has always been a hot issue. There is a thin, almost invisible line separating inspiration from imitation. I think it all originated in the literary world – there are titles like “Wide Sargasso Sea” in which the novelist (Jean Rhys) based her whole book on a character or incident from another author’s book – in this case, Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”. On “Wide Sargasso Sea” Rhys did an amazing job, and explained what went into the creation of the “Madwoman in the attic” from her own vantage point. Continue reading