Filtersage – Find Related Music Releases & Movies Socially

FiltersageName. Filtersage


Quite an ingenious site, this one will appeal not only to music lovers but also to film buffs everywhere. What it does is to compare and contrast music and movie releases then and now, and let you: A) Find the connection through pieces all through history, and B) Find similar or related releases to the ones you are keen on today.

The site involves the asking and answering of questions in order to build up a database. This database is then used for directing other members of the online community towards similar releases they could enjoy.

As always, the social approach ensures that the results will be far more accurate than a mere automated system that is unable to make certain associations and interpolations.

I found this website quite an interesting way to browse through music that has seen the light of the day not only recently but way, way back. And the same goes for movies that hark back to the times of black and white screens.

Filtersage is completely free to use, too. If you want to see where the trip down memory lane can take you just pick up your bag and go – no fare has to be paid.