Find You Some Vinyl – A Search Engine For Nothing But LPs

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on March 26, 2011


Name: Find You Some Vinyl

Find You Some Vinyl is a young search engine that lets people find LPs both old and new by simply furnishing the name of the band and/or artist they are after. The site premiered at the last Music Hack Day in New York City, and it has merited mostly positive reviews if only because there’s nothing else like it around.

Granted, a site like Amazon has a large collection of vinyl on offer. Yet, the creator of this site is trying to bring together the results from smaller retailers such as Insound, Interpunk and Boomkat. That is not saying Find You Some Vinyl ignores Amazon – it doesn’t, it is one of the services that are crawled. It’s just that the emphasis here is on letting people look beyond that, and end up finding these truly rare records that (for the most part) are only found in the possession of reclusive collectors, hid in a chest with three big padlocks and a good couple of booby traps around.

All the records that you successfully find on Find You Some Vinyl come with a direct link for buying them at the relevant stores.

When all is said and done, this is quite an interesting project. Its novelty factors heavily into the equation, of course, but once the UI becomes more polished (and some filters are added) it will prove it is here for a truly significant purpose. And the addition of yet more store could only boost its appeal.

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