Adele Becomes The First Artist Ever To Go Double Platinum on iTunes

Adele At A Recent Performance

Artists who make it big at the Grammy Awards always see a hefty boost in sales, and Adele was to be no exception. After winning no less than 6 awards in one night (including “Album Of The Year” for “21” and “Song Of The Year” for “Rolling In The Deep”), “21” managed to reach double platinum status. What’s even more interesting, Adele has become the first artist to sell 2 million copies of one album on iTunes in the US.

Adele is also the second artist to win the “Big Four” Grammy Awards in the same ceremony. She joins Christopher Cross, who achieved that feat in 1981.

This artistic and commercial success comes after many expressed concerns about Adele’s future when she became sidelined by vocal chord hemorrhaging, and had to undergo microsurgery.

As of the time of writing this, the figures made public by Columbia Records show that “21” has sold 7 million copies in the U.S., and 18 million copies worldwide.

RecordTogether – Crowdsource Tracks For Your Recordings

Name: Record Together

Think of all these albums in which bands couldn’t afford to hire extra instrumentalists. Just how good would they have been if a service like Record Together had existed back in the day? What if The Who had managed to hire cello players for “A Quick One, While He’s Away” (the mini-opera after which their second LP was named)? Would real cellos have sounded better than the jokey “cello, cello, cello” the guys ended up chanting in the finished record? Would that have taken away from the charm of the piece? That could be debated for longer than it took Brian Wilson to release “Smile” as he had originally conceived it, and we’d never come to any kind of agreement. Integrity, ingenuity, imnocence… the people who would veto using outside instrumentalists always end up talking about such things.

Yet, they have to admit that some classic albums could have been nothing short of perfected if artists could have had access to accomplished session players. If The Smiths had hired a full orchestra to play on their epic “The Queen Is Dead”, the end result could have been even better than it was. When the album was originally recorded, the band had to hire the services of “The Hated Salford Ensemble” (IE guitarist Johnny Marr playing everything using a keyboard) to get the accompaniment they wanted for songs like “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” and “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”. Continue reading

Have Your Voice Featured On “The Dark Knight Rises”

Add Your Voice To Hans Zimmer's Score For "The Dark Knight Rises" Via UJAM!

With “Batman: The Dark Knight” having become one of the most popular movies of the last decade (it currently ranks ninth on IMDb’s list of the Top 500 movies in history), Warner was sure to milk the final part of the trilogy for all it’s worth. And that’s exactly what has happened, with teasers and trailers cropping up everywhere, a full year before the movie (titled “The Dark Knight Rises”) is set to hit theaters.

And Warner’s latest promotional ploy is one you’d most likely be interested in. The movie’s composer is no other than Hans Zimmer (yes, the man behind the score for “The Phantom Of The Opera” and countless others), and he’s inviting people to contribute to the film’s score.

It’s all done via UJAM, with you recording and submitting a chant to be used in a massive chorus at some point in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

And just to make it clear who this initiative is aimed at, let me quote the man himself:

“There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can’t fix later. If you mumble, growl, scream or whisper, it’s all good. Make it yours. If you only get halfway through, no problem! Do it alone, bring your friends, but do it with energy and commitment.

Let your voice be heard and be a part of our adventure!”

Don’t complain you weren’t invited later…

The Les Paul Google Doodle Will Live Forever On Its Own Page

The Les Paul Google Doodle

Google’s Doodles were implemented by the search giant as a direct response to the random backgrounds that one gets when using Bing. Doodles conmemorate the birth of famous people, the date in which discoveries and inventions were made, and the date in which remarkable products were issued. And just last week, one of the most interesting Doodles ever was featured on Google’s homepage.

I’m obviously talking about the Les Paul Doodle. It celebrated the 96th anniversary of the birth of Les Paul, unarguably one of the biggest names in guitar history.

This Doodle proved so popular during its original run that it was left online for two full days (Doodles are only left there for 24 hours at most). And the immense popularity of the Les Paul Doodle was confirmed when Google announced the musical logo would live forever on a page of its very own.

So, the Les Paul Doodle will remain accessible for perpetuity here. You will be able to create songs and have them recorded and shared with all of your chums. Just check the video featured below in case you have not seen what this latest Doodle is capable of.

Find You Some Vinyl – A Search Engine For Nothing But LPs


Name: Find You Some Vinyl

Find You Some Vinyl is a young search engine that lets people find LPs both old and new by simply furnishing the name of the band and/or artist they are after. The site premiered at the last Music Hack Day in New York City, and it has merited mostly positive reviews if only because there’s nothing else like it around.

Granted, a site like Amazon has a large collection of vinyl on offer. Yet, the creator of this site is trying to bring together the results from smaller retailers such as Insound, Interpunk and Boomkat. That is not saying Find You Some Vinyl ignores Amazon – it doesn’t, it is one of the services that are crawled. It’s just that the emphasis here is on letting people look beyond that, and end up finding these truly rare records that (for the most part) are only found in the possession of reclusive collectors, hid in a chest with three big padlocks and a good couple of booby traps around. Continue reading

Remix Subterranean Homesick Blues And Win A Trip To South by Southwest

Now It’s Your Chance To Remix Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic And Win A Trip To South By Southwest In The Process.

Now It’s Your Chance To Remix Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic And Win A Trip To South By Southwest In The Process.

This is the day for fans of the gnomic singer/songwriter that also happen to love technology. Sony is currently holding an open competition in which people are invited to remix Dylan’s seminal ‘60s track, “Subterranean Homesick Blue”. The prize? A trip to South By Southwest in Austin next March.

The actual remixing process is done entirely online. A neat interface will let you take Dylan’s vocals along with all the individual instruments, and have your own way with them. And those who are skilled enough will be able to record themselves and bring what they see fit into the mix.

As long as Elvis Costello doesn’t show up and decides to write “Pump It Up Pt. 2”, it should be a very even and enjoyable competition for everybody…

It’s Official: Lady Gaga Is The First Artist With 1 Billion Views On YouTube

Lady Gaga Did It - She Will Go Down In History As The First Artist To Have 1 Billion Views On YouTube

Lady Gaga Did It - She Will Go Down In History As The First Artist To Have 1 Billion Views On YouTube

As predicted by those who have long beards and just too much time on their hands, Lady Gaga is now the first artist with 1 billion views on YouTube. She won’t be alone for long, though – Justin Bieber will join her in a couple of days.

In having 1 billion video hits on YouTube, that is.
What did you think I was talking about?? – Play, Record & Share Your Favorite Tunes


Name: PureSolo

This site made me think of the day Elvis was discovered. As you probably know, he had gone to some recording studio to put down a song for her mother’s birthday, and the producer immediately singled him out during the recording. The thing is, if a system like Pure Solo had existed back then Elvis Presley might never had been. Shiver me timbers!

You see, what PureSolo enables anybody to do is to play and record a song online, and then put it about by sharing the resulting file over the WWW (including Facebook and its networking compadres). Continue reading

Kisstunes – Record Songs Online And Share Them With Everybody


Name: Kisstunes


This website offers a very practical solution for musicians everywhere, namely the ability to compose using the computer’s keys as if they were making up a couple of octaves. That is:


Not only that, you can record the finished piece and send it to friends easily. An account must be created to these effects, but that comes at no cost and it is dealt with smoothly. Continue reading

GreetBeatz – Resources For Musicians


Name: GreetBeatz


I came across this site while researching terms like “Songwriting” and “Composing” on the web today, and I think that it deserves at least a brief mention here.

GreetBeatz introduces a concept of its own when it comes to virtual gifts (IE, the gifts that are exchanged on a daily basis on social sites such as Facebook), if only because the gifts are nothing less than full songs penned by someone who knows what he is doing. Continue reading