Kisstunes – Record Songs Online And Share Them With Everybody


Name: Kisstunes


This website offers a very practical solution for musicians everywhere, namely the ability to compose using the computer’s keys as if they were making up a couple of octaves. That is:


Not only that, you can record the finished piece and send it to friends easily. An account must be created to these effects, but that comes at no cost and it is dealt with smoothly.

This can be used by the whole family, actually. Kids are known to have a phase when they will do anything for an instrument, and once the parents relent and buy it to them the little ones get bored pretty quickly, and leave it in some forsaken corner of the house. Using a system like KissTunes, parents can ensure that phase is dealt with swiftly and in a cost-effective fashion. With the economy the way it stands right now, that is certainly desirable.

And (of course) musicians bitten by inspiration who don’t have an instrument nearby but can access the Internet will be able to capture the original rush using this service.

And in the event you play keyboards and someone taunts you when you claim you have mastered the Stones’ “She’s A Rainbow” and there is no piano or keys to tinkle on sight, you can visit the website and put him in his place. Say what you wish, it sure beats taking the Sid Vicious approach and smashing somebody over the head with a bass guitar.