Sworly – Listen To The Latest Hits For Free

Name: Sworly
URL: http://www.sworly.com

That you can listen to mostly any song you want online is common knowledge. And so is the number of fakes and dupes you’re forced to endure on sites like YouTube before you find what you’re looking for. Oh, and that’s not counting the number of live and rare versions of songs that are found there, and which are labeled as the real thing. And as if that wasn’t enough to drive you to the point where you turn into the smoke monster from “Lost” and go on a rampage, you also have to deal with songs which have been pitched, in order to keep YouTube from taking them down. Which would be great fun if what you wanted was to listen to Chip and Dale singing in unison. Which you’re not.

This new site is here to change that, once and for all. Sworly gives you nothing but real songs that you can listen to on your browser, and at no cost. Sworly scours the Internet for you, and it brings together all these songs you’d might be interested in. The site is really easy to navigate, with the coolest songs being highlighted on the homepage, and a search box for looking music up straightaway. In all cases, the songs you’re playing can be easily shared with all of your pals on Facebook. Continue reading

Paul McCartney Shares His Music Library With Everybody For Free

Now Everybody Can Access Paul McCartney's Own Music Collection

Terrific news for Macca fans. The legendary musician has launched a music sharing site that lets his fans immerse themselves in his own personal collection. All of Paul’s music and media has been digitized (that’s five decades worth of data), and folks like you and me can listen to all the rare records he’s collected over the years, and both watch videos and view photos that only people close to Paul had access to until now. Check it out here.

The site details McCartney’s post-Beatles career in exhaustive detail. Minute information on all the concerts McCarney has ever played is provided, and you’ll also get to see all the albums any song of Paul has been included in. And links to buy them all are available, of course.

Need more? OK, what about the live studio feature that lets you remix Paul’s song? You can do that for free, and then (if you feel the results are particularly glorious) have them shared on the site for everybody else to remember that Paul is not dead.

And those of you who with the money to spend can buy a premium membership, and create playlists with your own songs. You can actually have them streamed on Macca’s own radio. Continue reading

Myxer – A New Social Radio Emerges

Name: Myxer
URL: http://www.myxer.fm

If Marconi were around today, he would be decidedly proud to see what’s becoming of his beloved creation. Spending some time with Myxer alone would make him stand ten feet tall. Myxer is a site that takes online radio as we’ve always known it, and puts a marked social element on it.

Myxer is a desktop and mobile service that lets you listen to music with all of your friends online. You listen to songs with all of them, and you get to discuss what’s being played by using a live chat.

Moreover, a tool named “Song Stories” is provided. This lets you do something which is quite novel in itself: creating a video where you can explain what any song means to you, and have that video shared with all of your contacts.

As a service, Myxer is totally free. You can use both the web application and any of the mobile apps without having to start pinching your pennies. Both iPhones and Droids are supported to the same extent.

This is Myxer’s promotional video, as featured on YouTube:

JamCloud – Like Hangouts, But Strictly For Music Lovers

Name: Jamcloud
URL: http://www.jamcloud.com

An application that is available internationally, JamCloud is here to let all of us play music and watch videos with all our friends in real time. No doubt inspired by the concept of Google Plus hangouts, JamCloud enables people in any corner of the world to create and join listening rooms for free. And the people who do convene in any of these rooms can not only listen to the music others are playing, but also communicate among themselves thanks to a built-in messaging tool.

What’s more, the music that is played in any room can be voted both positively and negatively. That should let people who land on any room which is mighty crowded figure out which music is worth a try, and which is not really worth the hassle.

Currently, JamCloud has a database of over 325 million songs and videos.

And support for services like YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook means that it’s dead simple to have playlists and individual songs imported right into any room you have joined. It’s all done by clicking and dropping what you want to have shared with others into the relevant box


MPlayr – Listen To Music Charts On Your Browser

Name: MPlayr
URL: http://www.mplayr.com

MPlayr is one of the best ways to stay abreast of what is being played on some of the most representative music charts the world over. On this site, you can tune into the US and the UK music charts, and learn what sounds are trending there. And I mean it – the site lets you do more than just read a list of songs ranking in either territory, it actually lets you listen to them online. That can be done directly on your browser. You won’t have to download anything, and you won’t have to pay anything either.

What’s more, the site has a chart devoted to iTunes. Again – you can see what’s hot in there, and listen to it straight in your browser.

Other meritorious aspects of MPlayr include letting people look up both new and old songs and have them played on the fly, and letting users create playlists they can then share with all their friends on Facebook (the one service which is used for signing in). Continue reading

Customize The Latest Album By Kaiser Chiefs And Buy Just The Songs You Want

“The Future Is Medieval” Is The Newest Album By Kaiser Chiefs. In A Bold Move, Fans Can Choose Which Tracks To Actually Buy

Can you imagine what would happen if bands let punters build their own albums using the songs they have recorded, arrange them in the order they want and also pick a cover to go with these? Would that be beneficial for the actual music recorded by bands, or would that be taking things just too far? I ask you because a band has done exactly such a thing, and it is turning to be the talk of the Internet.

British indie band Kaiser Chiefs has just finished recording a 20-track CD, and it lets people buy any ten songs from it, in the order they see fit, and give it a cover of its very own using lots of preloaded images. What’s even more interesting is that once a person orders this customized CD, he will then be given the option to sell this customized album himself online, and earn 1 pound per sale.

This is as interesting as it is debatable. While letting fans do such a thing is the ultimate way to get them engaged, it also lessens the unity of what has been recorded. In this specific case, Kaiser Chiefs has recorded 20 songs. The fans buying the album will get to listen to only 10. A system like this one might as well come with a large sticker reading “Forget about sequencing or continuity”.

Plus, the fact that there might be as many versions of an album around as fans of the band means nobody will have the same impression of what has been released. There are thousands of ways in which songs can be combined.

This is not really the first time something like this has been done. Not so long ago, Devo crowdsourced the tracklist for its album “Something For Everybody”. And going way, way back I recall how MusicMaker.com let you customize your copy of The Who’s “The Blues To The Bush” before ordering it. Granted, it wasn’t the same thing. That was a live album. But it made for multiple permutations of the same disc to be available to the public.

Kaiser Chiefs’ “The Future Is Medieval” is a brand-new collection of songs. The only way to listen to all of them is by ordering two copies with 10 cuts each. So, how will this go down with fans? If your favorite band ever did the same thing, how supportive would you be? Leave a comment below and let us all know, please!

Like.fm – Share The Songs You Like With Your Facebook Friends


Name: Like.fm
URL: http://www.like.fm

Like.fm is a new music discovery app. It has already been termed a shareable version of iTunes on some tech blogs, and that’s pretty accurate as Like.fm can track all the music that you are playing and generate a list with your favorite songs. This list will then be shared with all your friends.

And when I say “all your friends”, you should take that literally – Like.fm uses your Facebook account in order to work. All your social network friends who also have the app installed (and who choose to follow you) will receive this automatically-generated list, and learn first-hand which music you love best.

Still, it’s important to mention that not simply because you have played something that particular song will be part of your list. When using Like.fm, you are actually empowered to remove tracks manually from the finished list before it is sent to all the people who are following you. Continue reading

Write A Song Live With Maroon 5

A Live Session With Maroon 5 Will Be Streamed On March 22. The Band Will Have 24 Hours To Come Up With A Song, With The Help Of Its Fans.

A Live Session With Maroon 5 Will Be Streamed On March 22. The Band Will Have 24 Hours To Come Up With A Song, With The Help Of Its Fans.

On March 22, Coca Cola will make the dream of many a fan of Maroon 5 come true. A live studio session will be held on that day, and fans will be able to contribute lyrics, riffs and melodies for the band’s next single.

And the fans who take part of this session will be able not only to send their ideas in, but also to ask direct questions to the band.

This session is going to last 24 hours, and Coca Cola is promoting it on its Facebook page (it currently has more than 20 million fans).

Although I find Maroon 5 unbearable,  I thought this was worth sharing with you if only because it is one of the coolest social media strategies yet applied to the music industry. Let’s just see if more sessions are announced, and who are involved…

Myna Music – Discover Music Through Music

MynaMusicName: Myna Music
URL: http://www.mynamusic.com

The music recommendation services that we have today invariably revolve around one thing: metadata keywords. And one has to wonder, is it really so difficult to come up with something that little more intelligent? Something that doesn’t necessitate us type word after word describing what we are looking for, or individualizing several different songs for an automated system to produce results that might be completely off the target.

That is what this new service aims to revolutionize. It is named Myna, and it basically lets you discover new music to listen to by having songs that you like played and analyzed using a proprietary system.

In their own words:

“Myna listens to and comprehends music directly, making it possible to search based on mood, sound, or texture or autonomously generate highly-personalized music playlists — all without metatags.” Continue reading