MyDjSpace – Where DJs Promote Their Mixes

Name: MyDjSpace

A niche social service, you can guess exactly what kind of public MyDjSpace is aiming at. Yes, that’s right: DJs, and people who consume electronic music regularly. The former are given a splendid chance to promote their own work online, while the latter are enabled to catch wind of the latest sounds well before they become part of the mainstream.

The music that is featured on this website is split in three main categories: “DJ Mix Charts”, “Track Charts” and “Remix Charts”. And there’s also a section in which featured artists are spotlighted, one by one.

That is, those who want to promote their music right on the homepage of MyDjSpace can do so by buying credits, and have their mixes placed right where everybody can see them. If your profile hits seem to be falling like leaves in autumn, this feature should be all you need in order to start setting thing to right.

And the homepage also has a corner for music news; both performers and punters should be able to get to know what’s shaking and what’s moving with very little effort.

DJs who want to sign up for an account can do that for free. Yet, those who are looking for more promotional firepower can always go for a premium account and benefit from larger storage, unlimited downloads and more advanced analytics.