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Name: New Releases Now!

The Internet makes it dead easy to discover new music, right as it’s become available. And the way things stand right now, you don’t even need to subscribe to lots of different sites to stay on the loop. There’s services that can do all the hard work for you. New Releases Now! (NRN) is one of these.
Presented by Almighty Music Marketing (a company that’s been devoted to the promotion of music ever since 1995), NRN is constantly updated with the latest music releases, and every imaginable genre is covered. Rock, pop, metal, punk, country, synth pop, cajun/zydeco, neo soul… All in all, over sixty different genres are included. And you can find more than music through this site, as NRN also keeps track of comedy albums.

The site features the most recent releases on its homepage, and you can find both the newest albums and songs using a simple search tool. And you’re also given the option to browse entries by genre and by release date. If it’s a new release, you’ll find it. In all cases, titles come with iTunes and Amazon “Buy” buttons, and a “Find A Retailer” widget that lets you locate the nearest points of sale.

On the other hand, if you work for a record label you can easily use the site to market your newest releases. All genres and formats are allowed. In fact, you can even promote your reissues through

The submission process is straightforward and logical, with you having to provide stuff like MP3s of the featured tracks, links to YouTube/Vimeo videos, and a succinct overview of what you’re submitting. You’re also asked to submit links to the artist’s own website and a hi-res copy of the album’s cover. Check the submission guidelines by visiting this page.