RjDj – Turning Music Into Something Truly Interactive


Name: RjDj
URL: http://www.rjdj.me

The technology we have available today might not have been put to the best use when it came to engaging users. That is the lasting impression I was left with after browsing through this site. The company (a transatlantic one) builds iPhone apps that take the music created by electronic artists, and then it lets you come up with tunes of your own by using the accelerometer from the iPhone along with the sounds that surround you. This is what the company calls “reactive music”. That is, music marked by activeness on the user instead of the passiveness of sitting while a song is playing, merely tapping your fingers away and so on.

The way this system works, then, is very simple: you get the apps which are being released and that come up with basic tracks and effects, and even without knowing a thing about songwriting you can come up with your very own track. This can then be uploaded to the site for all to consume.

For the time being, only one app has seen release. Obviously, the company is testing the temperature of the water before taking a plunge. Personally, I applaud them for having devised something which is so complex and yet so easy to use at the very same time. Something like this is limited to specific genres, of course… or is it? Mmmh, I just can’t wait to see what comes up next. While a rock song (say, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”) couldn’t be remixed that radically, the truth is that some changes could be implemented. The thing is seeing which ones, and where. Looks like this company has a brilliant path ahead of it for me. Or at the very least, a path with a true ring of its own.