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Name: Songstall

Every musician knows that the Internet is akin to a freeway of opportunities when it comes to promoting his art and getting through to others. But it is a freeway that has some hazards along the way. While it is true that it is a superb platform for self-promotion and selling your music, it is also true that many sites that act as online marketplaces have a series of inherent limitations that make the experience a somehow diluted one. For starters, many of these sites do charge fees that end up making the actual transaction negligible. And a vast majority of sites letting artists put up their music for sale make the artist undergo a lengthy approval process for his tunes to be listed.

If you are looking for a way of getting around these shortcomings, then I think a site like this one could be worth a gander. Named Songstall (and recently launched, by the way), it will let any unsigned artist sell his compositions without having to pay any over-the-top fee, nor having to sit through a lengthy process in order to have his music listed online. Artists will be charged only when a sale is made.

One of the best things of the site in my opinion is how each artist’s webpage can be customized and adapted to reflect what the artist is all about. That gives each page a true sense of identity and the site gains more vitality. There is even a functionality that takes the songs you have uploaded and generates a short clip for visitors to listen to.

A demand for a site like this one is obviously there. I think it definitely has more pros than cons, and I feel that emerging musicians couldn’t ask for a better range of features to begin making inroads into the industry.

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