SpotMeUp – Upload Your Music To Spotify

Name: SpotMeUp

The war between Spotify and Google Music rages on, and (by the looks of it) the European startup is the one that holds the upper hand. It’s not that Spotify has become a household name, but the last year’s been pretty spiffy for the music streaming service, what with a brilliant American launch and a partnership with Facebook. And web tools like SpotMeUp do nothing but keep the momentum going.

This new website has come along to answer the question of “How do I get my music on Spotify?” in the most direct way of all. SpotMeUp is an easy-to-use service that lets you upload your music to Spotify in the blink of an eye. Singles, EPs and full albums can all be uploaded equally fast. Upon creating a (free) account, you’ll be able to upload the files from your computer, one by one.

And if you use Dropbox, then you’re given the chance to have all the files you keep there imported into SpotMeUp. Dropbox is compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry. So, you’ll be able to import your songs the minute you’ve become connected with the kind of music biz executive that looks like he could make you sell more copies than Bruno Mars. Whether that happens or not is a very different story, of course. But being able to put your music online this fast is certainly worthy of admiration.