– Sharing Music With Everybody On Twitter



Services for posting your music to Twitter are proliferating, and I think that is something that was to be expected. It has recently been reported by sites like Mashable and TechCrunch that Twitter’s stateside growth has somehow stopped, yet its numbers for international growth have begun showing some interesting patterns. I have already covered a service for tweeting out music, and another one won’t hurt given that this might as well be the year when Twitter will make headlines in every country in the world. is a characteristic Twitter site even its name, which is short and abbreviated keeping in with the “micro” concept that defines the social sharing platform. The way you use it is easy enough, as all you have to do is login using both your Twitter username and your pass. Once you are in, you have to carry a search based on an artist’s name and the song you want to listen. A preview will be generated, and after listening to it you can generate a track page. This is what you will tweet to all your friends.

That is the process for tweeting other people’s songs. When it comes to your music, you can upload your own MP3, or take the audio from any video of yours on YouTube and tweet that out. SoundCloud is also supported.

Twitter apps are known to be on the direct side, and is a true example of that. It is quick and to-the-point. I feel Twitter is more important than ever, and its notoriety will be enlarged this year as a “Twitter Connect” will be released to compete with the (extremely popular) “Facebook Connect” feature you can see all over the Net. As such, more and more people will start resorting to it. And the earliest you begin being noticed there the better.