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Last Friday a very good friend asked me to convert some YouTube videos into a format that her old computer could actually play, and burn a CD with the resulting files. There were about fifteen of them, and they were all by the same Finnish band: HIM. I don’t have to tell you such a thing wasn’t necessarily topping my list of priorities for that particular weekend. But there was no way I would let her down.

I came across this site when looking for a fast way to get that job done. And while I wouldn’t say that Bender Converter is “the best” website of its class, it did the job quite competently and I have bookmarked it.

You see, Bender Converter lets you supply the URL of the video that has to be converted and then choose an output format. There is no need for you to upload anything, and that’s always a big plus. So is the fact that a ton of video hosting services are supported. These include YouTube, Vimeo, DailMotion, Veoh and

And some of the output formats that you can go for are .AVI, .MOV, .FLV, .3GP… in fact, you can even have a video converted into an audio MP3. Useful for these ultra-rare live clips and prehistoric TV performances that some sympathetic chums upload to YouTube for mere mortals like you and me to rejoice. Continue reading

Superpunk! – Jorge Nasser Vs. Jorge Bonomi & Fernán Cisnero (Tiempos Salvajes)

This is a classic of Uruguayan radio. The incident took place one Saturday in March, 1993. Jorge Bonomi & Fernán Cisnero hosted a radio show named “Tiempos Salvajes” [Wild Times] in which they routinely abused one of the most popular rock bands of the day, Niquel. The band was fronted by Jorge Nasser and Pablo Faragó, and the hosts of the show looked askance at them because they regarded themselves as tough rock & rollers. They deemed Niquel’s approach as something sissy. They were making fun of the band live on air, and taking special umbrage at their recently-released symphonic album. Jorge Nasser (the singer and leader of the band) had enough. He headed straight to the studio, and by a bizarre twist of fate he got in without anybody noticing. He stood at the other side of the booth’s door, listening to the final segment of the show.

When the two hosts began picking on Niquel again, he exploded. Nasser stormed into the studio and gave the two radio hosts a beating to write home about. And it was all broadcast because the operator (fearing for her safety) ran away so quickly that she forgot to turn the mikes off.

“Stop it, man, stop it! Let’s talk it over!”. That was the only thing the radio hosts could repeat during the beating. When the first bout was over and Nasser stood towering over both of them, one of the hosts (completely scared out of his brains) squelched “Call the cops!”. Nasser’s retort has gone down in the history of Uruguayan radio.

“¡Ja! ¿Pero no sos el superpunk? ¿No sos el súperagresivo? ¿No es que te gusta la música con personalidad? Bueno, poné personalidad, jugate por lo que decís”.

[“¡Ha! Ain’t you a superpunk? Ain’t you a super-aggressive one? Don’t you always say you like music with personality? Come on, put a little personality to use, walk it the way you talk it”.]

Below you can download the audio in its entirety – you can listen to the first part of the show, the beating and then the mention the two hosts made to the incident the following Saturday.

People being people, I know you will want to listen to the beating first. Jump to 02:58. The “superpunk” bit comes at 04:24.

Superpunk – Jorge Nasser Vs. Jorge Bonomi & Fernán Cisnero (Tiempos Salvajes) – Sharing Music With Everybody On Twitter



Services for posting your music to Twitter are proliferating, and I think that is something that was to be expected. It has recently been reported by sites like Mashable and TechCrunch that Twitter’s stateside growth has somehow stopped, yet its numbers for international growth have begun showing some interesting patterns. I have already covered a service for tweeting out music, and another one won’t hurt given that this might as well be the year when Twitter will make headlines in every country in the world. is a characteristic Twitter site even its name, which is short and abbreviated keeping in with the “micro” concept that defines the social sharing platform. The way you use it is easy enough, as all you have to do is login using both your Twitter username and your pass. Once you are in, you have to carry a search based on an artist’s name and the song you want to listen. A preview will be generated, and after listening to it you can generate a track page. This is what you will tweet to all your friends. Continue reading