Viral Music – Learn How Viral Your Favorite Music Really Is

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on April 17, 2011


Name: Viral Music List

There are two types of music listeners: those who revel in exclusivity (and consume nothing but songs by obscure bands), and the ones who get their kicks only by listening to what lots and lots of people listen to.

If you fall in the former category and live in Uruguay (like I do) you buy compilations of underground/indie/emerging bands from America and Britain, and then drive all your friends off the bend by harping on Okkervil River, Bear In Heaven and The Antlers.

And if the latter group is where you belong, then you turn to a service like Viral Music Lists for approbation.

What this site does is to let you know which songs have gone viral. You can do that by picking one of the three main categories (“Tracks”, “Albums” and “Artists”) and then setting down the time range that applies (the provided options are ”24 Hours”, “7 Days” and “All Time”). And you can also launch an artist-specific search, and see how these musicians you love are doing in terms of online popularity.

Technically, the site looks at the number of times a song/album/artist has been liked on Facebook in order to determine its virality (there’s a new word for you, Oxford!).

I don’t know how faultless or representative that is. But it sure makes for not looking like an utter loony for listening to bands which are only known in the remotest corners of the world. Alright, it won’t turn your cuddlesy factor all the way to 10. But it’s something of a positive start.

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