The Most Shared Playlists On Spotify

Now that Spotify is firmly established on American soil, it’s time to see exactly the kind of music that people are not only listening to but also sharing through it.

This infograph (from sheds some light on that subject. It basically highlights these songs that have been featured on the largest number of Spotify playlists so far.

Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” is on top with a whooping 7567 total shares. And the second and third place are taken by “Like A G6” (Far East Movement) and “Sexy Bitch” (David Guetta and Akon).

Viral Music – Learn How Viral Your Favorite Music Really Is


Name: Viral Music List

There are two types of music listeners: those who revel in exclusivity (and consume nothing but songs by obscure bands), and the ones who get their kicks only by listening to what lots and lots of people listen to.

If you fall in the former category and live in Uruguay (like I do) you buy compilations of underground/indie/emerging bands from America and Britain, and then drive all your friends off the bend by harping on Okkervil River, Bear In Heaven and The Antlers.

And if the latter group is where you belong, then you turn to a service like Viral Music Lists for approbation.

What this site does is to let you know which songs have gone viral. You can do that by picking one of the three main categories (“Tracks”, “Albums” and “Artists”) and then setting down the time range that applies (the provided options are ”24 Hours”, “7 Days” and “All Time”). And you can also launch an artist-specific search, and see how these musicians you love are doing in terms of online popularity. Continue reading

MTV Releases The Music Meter

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Tool For The Discovery Of New Artists

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Resource For The Discovery Of New Artists

The days in which the popularity of music was measured by how many albums were shifted are not just extinct, they are actually fossilized. Nowadays, the popularity of any piece is judged based on a plethora of factors. The number of views on YouTube is one of these, and so is how frequently the song is streamed on sites like Spotify and

MTV has just released a new site in which all these variables are taken into account, and used to create a chart in which the online buzz around musicians is fully reflected. This chart goes by the name of The Music Meter, and it is updated daily. And learning more about the artists who get featured there is really easy, since tweets and bios are accessed at a click. So, getting acquainted with any performer that you discover through the chart is simplified to no end. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Is The Most Listed Twitter User

Justin Bieber Might Not Be The Most Followed Twitter User, But He Is The Most Listed One

Justin Bieber Might Not Be The Most Followed Twitter User, But He Is The Most Listed One

Another sign that the world is ending soon. While Lady Gaga recently conquered the position as the most followed Twitter user, Canadian sensation Justin Bieber has a record of his own: he is the most listed Twitterer.

Yes, that’s right. Bieber beat not only Lady Gaga but also Britney Spears and Ashton “The King Of Twitter” Kutcher.

Looks like the Mayans got it definitely right. 2012 is going to be the year to wave our last goodbyes.

Below you have a video of Justin doing his thang.

Critical Metrics – Finding Which Ones Are The Best Songs Ever


Name: Critical Metrics


If we were to determine what the best songs ever are, how could we do it? Rather, is it even possible to approach such a task and ensure that the end results will be even slightly reliable and/or universal? That is, in which sense is a song “better” than other? Instrumentally? Due to some distinctive production trickery? Because the song had cultural and historical transcendence? In terms of how it performed in the charts? As you can see, it is an endless debate. Still, people being people we want to find a sort of answer to these questions. If we are a fan of a band, having such information at hand always has a sort of self-affirmative effect. And that is where a site like this one steps right in.

Critical Metrics aims to let you know which 40 songs rank among the best in history. It does so by collating a true wealth of information, including “rave reviews, playlists, year-end lists, awards, artist & celebrity picks, and other editorial superlatives” as they explain on the site. The idea, then, is to create a bibliographical database of these songs that have been recommended the most throughout history. This database goes as far as 1890, and over 60,000 songs are featured so far. They have made a deliberate effort to bypass no era or type of song, and that is where the eventual strength of Critical Metrics might truly lie. That is, if they can fire up the imagination and interest of users they could come up with an active community suggesting new songs to be added all the time, and recommending them so that they climb towards the top spots. Continue reading