We Love Your Songs – A New Social Network For Bands And Fans


Name: We Love Your Songs
URL: http://www.weloveyoursongs.com

We Love Your Songs is one of these community sites for new musicians that I have reviewed before, and that I will keep on reviewing until the end. I mean, such resources are terrific – young performers get a chance to nurture their talent, and fans get a chance to become familiarized with the ones who might as well become tomorrow’s stars today, when they were mostly unknown numbers. Plus, those who support a band locally get a chance to show their allegiance online more than easily

As in any other social site, users (IE bands and punters) have to sign up for their own accounts to interact among themselves. Once accounts have been created, it is very easy to upload media, and interact one-to-one both by commenting on what’s being shared.

And in order to elicit the best from bands (and to encourage fans to become even more involved) lots of different competitions are held on the site.

As I said at the beginning, I love reviewing sites like this one, and will no doubt keep on doing it for ever and ever. They give bands a chance to reach out to people in an even way, without having to worry about geographical limitations, and without having to pay part of their income to some big shot who decides to honor them by playing their music on his/her radio show. It would be great to see some new ideas around, but I don’t know to which extent it’s fair complaining about a site that does all the things this one does more than right.

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  1. Emilio,

    I’d love to see you do a write up on Bandromeda.com – it is similar to this social community only they offer a really cool feature that allows artists to perform from their living rooms or to stream live performances from actual venues to their own b-LIVE page on their profile. They can sell merch and even get tips during their performances! This is a really cool community for unsigned artists and is FREE to join for bands and fans alike!

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