StoryAmp – The Place Where Musicians And Journalists Meet

Name: StoryAmp

This new site brings together musicians and PR agencies in a grand way. If you’re an artist, you can turn to to create dispatches by uploading your music, bio, photos, videos and concert links. These dispatches can then be shared using any of StoryAmp’s press lists, and brought into the hands of journalists. That doesn’t mean they’ll write about you and your wondrous ensemble, but at least you’ll make your presence known to them. It’s a start.

And any way you look at it, using a site like this one is infinitely cheaper than trying to hire the services of a PR agency. StoryAmp can actually be used for free, and if you need to flex some additional muscle then you can sign up for a premium account. This will give you unlimited audio streaming, unlimited password-protected downloads and the chance to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos to be used in your dispatches. Continue reading

FuseTrade – Social Network For Artists

Name: FuseTrade

When reviewing social networking sites on MusicKO, I usually focus on the ones which are centered on musicians, and that let them interact among themselves or with their fans (or both). These sites let musicians and their punters start building the kind of communication that is necessary for music to become an integral part of everybody’s lives. But something which is every bit as important in order to accomplish that is taking a good look at what the artistic scene around one is like. Which plays are being staged, which exhibitions are being held, which new galleries are opening… A lot of opportunities for further spreading one’s art lie there. Not to mention that visual artists are something every musician ends up working with when releasing an album. Finding those that are in one’s wavelength early can but be a wise move.

That’s exactly what this new social network is all about. It lets artists from all over the world connect with each other, share all that they are doing and promote their creative work collectively. News on events can be spread, and the site has a gallery for uploading original work to. And a forum for conducting organized discussions regarding art and events is likewise featured.

Membership to FuseTrade costs nothing, and registration is quick and painless. And if you already have a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo! account then you can use that to log in instead, and skip registration altogether.

We Love Your Songs – A New Social Network For Bands And Fans


Name: We Love Your Songs

We Love Your Songs is one of these community sites for new musicians that I have reviewed before, and that I will keep on reviewing until the end. I mean, such resources are terrific – young performers get a chance to nurture their talent, and fans get a chance to become familiarized with the ones who might as well become tomorrow’s stars today, when they were mostly unknown numbers. Plus, those who support a band locally get a chance to show their allegiance online more than easily

As in any other social site, users (IE bands and punters) have to sign up for their own accounts to interact among themselves. Once accounts have been created, it is very easy to upload media, and interact one-to-one both by commenting on what’s being shared.

And in order to elicit the best from bands (and to encourage fans to become even more involved) lots of different competitions are held on the site. Continue reading

Music180 – Connecting Indie Artists With Renowned Music Pros


Name: Music180

Music180 is a development platform for artists. What the site does is to connect new musicians with big names in the industry and let them collaborate to the full. For example, young bands can get in touch with renowned producers and cover designers, and strike up a relationship that might end up in them getting their album produced by people who have worked with international superstars.

The site has a database of music pros that have worked with artists of the caliber of Aerosmith, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and these indie artists who sign up can have their music brought to their attention. It is all taken from there, and in addition to producers Music180 makes it possible for performers to get in touch with the kind of people who can dream up the right marketing campaign for any musical genre. Continue reading

SeeJoeRock – A Social Networking Site For Indie Musicians

Name: SeeJoeRock

Forget about “America’s Got Talent”, the Internet is where the chances of being discovered lie for any young performer (Greyson Chance) or for those who did never get the exposure in their day (Steve Moore). There is something incredibly idyllic about it all- it is the knowledge that if you are good, you are making it. The Internet obliterates the loathsome meet-and-greet tradition that places all the emphasis on who you know, and not on what you can do. And new performers know it by now.

I think that is the reason why there are lots of social sites for indie musicians available. Well, this is a new one – and it is quite comprehensive if you ask me. Bands can create their own profile pages, upload their songs, stream their videos and create a calendar that highlights upcoming gigs. They interact both with fellow musicians and with members of the public while doing it all. And they also do get a chance to interact with industry professionals. That is a possibility that is not offered in that many networks for indie musicians as far as I can tell. Continue reading

MyMusicCircle – An Online Social Marketplace For Music Professionals


Name: myMusicCircle


This is a brand new music site that I caught wind up of today. To be frank, I think it really has what it takes to make it into the big time. Basically, it is a sort of marketplace for musicians and for every person who can be considered a music professional such as sound mixers, producers and also managers. The ones who register create profile pages that showcase their skills, and they can be contacted by people looking for services like the ones they render. On the other hand, people can post their very own projects on the site and have their pick from the offers that will start rolling in. Continue reading