WildChords, An iPad Game That Lets You Become A Guitar Player

Learn To Play The Guitar With WildChords

The hardest bit when trying to learn an instrument is finding the time to practice. You show someone who hasn’t picked a guitar in his life how to play an E chord and he will get it. And he will retain it, even if he’s got a memory like a sieve. No doubt about it. But being able to concatenate different chords together harmoniously is something which only comes with practice, and the kind of perseverance that lies beyond most people’s grasp. Progress is always slow at first, and while few do a Pete Townshend and put their feet through their instruments most call it a day before too long.

Well, that’s what this emerging company is trying to remedy. Ovelin is a Finnish startup that is about to release an iPad app that turns practicing the guitar into nothing short of a game.

This app goes by the name of WildChords, and it’s been clearly inspired by “The Pied Piper Of Hamelin”. The player’s mission is trying to bring all the animals that have escaped a zoo back into their cages by playing music (IE, chords) with his guitars. WildChords turns the instrument into a game controller, and the game’s played (and completed) by playing the right chords at the right time.

It’s a pretty simple concept, and this video let’s you see how it all comes together in the real world: