RIP Guitar Hero

So Long, Guitar Hero. It Was Good While It Lasted.

So Long, Guitar Hero. It Was Good While It Lasted...

Guitar Hero, the most revered game franchise of the 21st Century has run its course. Activision has decided to disband the Guitar Hero gaming unit, claiming that players have lost interest in the title.

That will come to a stunner to many an onlooker, until he sits down and thinks how Activision saturated the market with sequel after sequel of the by now legendary game.

Just doing a quick recap:

Guitar Hero: November 2005

Guitar Hero II: November 2006

Guitar Hero Encore Rock The 80s: July 2007

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock: October 2007

Guitar Hero Aerosmith: June 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour: October 2008

Guitar Hero Metallica: March 2009

Guitar Hero Smash Hits: June 2009

Guitar Hero 5: September 2009

Band Hero: November 2009

Guitar Hero Van Halen: December 2009

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock: September 2010

That is, six main games were released. And counting all spin-offs, 12 separate titles were issued. Talk about not giving people enough room to breathe…

Plus, the Rock Band games were impossible to beat for Activision – later installments of Rock Band always ranked better than the Guitar Hero contingent.

But all these facts matter little now. One of the most distinctive games in modern history is no more. Air guitar nuts like me will never forget it. Because (I have to admit it) my chances of ever learning to play “Won’t Get Fooled Again” for real are absolutely non-existent.