Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber Are Both Close To Having 1 Billion YouTube Views

Lady Gaga Alejandro


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As I am sure you remember, just a couple of months ago Lady Gaga became the first online artist to have 1 billion views across all online video platforms.

Well, now she is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube alone. That’s an amazing feat, and a good reminder why she is called “The Internet Artist”.

However, she is not alone.

Justin Bieber is hot on her heels. And although experts are sure that Gaga will get to the milestone first (it is said she will reach that milestone on October 20), Bieber might have the last laugh. He averages 3.98 million views daily, and Gaga is pulling off just 2.04 million. If that pattern is unbroken, Bieber will eventually overtake her.

Just for the record, Michael Jackson is the third artist with more YouTube video views. But he is no threat to Gaga or Bieber at this point. As of this date, he has about 600 million video views.