Bud To Bud – The Online Sharing Of Music Is About To Reach A New Height


Name: Bud To Bud
URL: http://www.budtobud.com

I usually don’t cover startups that are yet to launch for the simple reason that I prefer to review sites you all can head to directly and use within seconds, but today I have decided to make an exception. Bud To Bud presents itself as a really cool way to experience music. As such, I have felt it was in order to let you know about it so that you already know what to expect when it finally launches.

In general, Bud To Bud creates a shared environment in which people get to listen to the music their pals are playing in real time. It’s just as if you were sharing headphones with the other person, only that you are going to be located in separate places. Different rooms, different cities… even different countries.

And when you discover a song that means business, you can proceed to buy it and have it added to your music collection. Of course, users of Bud To Bud can also message each other out and either compliment themselves for their good taste or pull each other’s legs. I mean, imagine what would happen if you caught someone who is mad about AC/DC listening to the Jonas Brothers! Priceless or what… Continue reading