“POU” – The New Video By Closet

The Full Lineup Of Closet

Originally formed in 2005, Closet is a Uruguayan band whose repertoire pays an equal debt to rock instrumentation and electronic beats. The band has already released two EPs – one that goes by the great name of “Nociones Utilitarias Del Amor” [Utilitarian Love Concepts], and another that goes by the even better name of “Dildo”. They also released a full-length album named “Lengua” [Tongue] in 2010. One can but wonder (and rejoice at the thought of) what their next work will be named… answers to the usual address on a postcard with a picture of Benny Santini, please.

This is the band’s latest video. The song is “POU”, from the “Lengua” album.  The clip has been produced by Metropolis Films, and it has been directed by Oliver Garland.

The current lineup of Closet comprises Camila Sapin (vocals), Germán Pérez (vocals, guitars and programming), Charly Servetto (guitars and programming), Flavio Galmarini (drums and programming) and Patricia Iccardi (bass).

This is their official website. You can download “Lengua” there. And at zero cost, it must be added. This means the IRS won’t be getting anything. Ha. That will serve them right. Let’s avenge what they did to Willie Nelson, and download it in droves. Me? I’ve already downloaded it five times.