Shaved Bieber – Obliterating Justin Bieber From The Internet

I went to the cinema the other day with Luis, one of my best friends. We both were ‘80s kids and (like most boys back then) we were bitten by the martial arts craze that hit like a cyclone on the strength of movies like “The Karate Kid”.

Thus, we went to see the remake not because we thought it would be any good but (much like the new A-Team movie) we were curious about how an icon of our generation would be presented to kids today.

Leaving aside that the movie was an obvious vehicle for Will Smith to promote his son Jaden, and that Jackie Chan did very little fighting (not to mention that the movie should have been called “The Kung Fu Kid”), we were surprised at how entertaining it was. What the heck, children and their parents were clapping and hollering all through the tournament at the end.

So, the movie went more smoothly than we expected. Except for something.

Justin Bieber. He had a song in.

And it was a duet. With Jaden Smith. Continue reading