The First Foot Controller For iPad Is Here

If iPads are not many a musician’s best friend, then they might just become it right now. Available for guitar, bass, electric violin and keyboard players, this new StompBox by Griffin can effectively turn anybody’s trusty tablet into a shredding machine.

StompBox is defined by its creators as “a programmable multi-functional foot controller that enables virtual guitar effects”. This foot controller is used in conjunction with Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE app, and it lets musicians switch effects with their feet without having to take their hands off their instruments. Using iShred LIVE, the individual foot switches can be assigned to implement (and control) all the effects one wishes to apply.

The kit comes complete with a special cable for simultaneous guitar, PA, or amp connectivity, and a cable that goes straight into the iPad.

On a side note, this StompBox also works with teleprompters. Users are enabled to control text scrolling and related presentation functions with their feet. So, that’s two birds down with the same stone. Or with $ 99 – that’s how much the whole kit retails for.