Moon On The Water (AKA Full Moon Sway) From The Anime “Beck” (Video)

Koyuki On The Cover Of The First DVD Volume Of "Beck", As Issued By Funimation

Koyuki On The Cover Of The First Volume Of "Beck", As Issued By Funimation

I am about to finish watching “Beck”, a terrific anime that tells the story of a young band that fights for its place in the sun.

In episode 12, Koyuki (the show’s protagonist) is invited onstage by mega-successful band Dying Breed. He performs a sterling version of their own “Moon On The Water”, amazing both his bandmates (who are in the public) and stealing the heart of Maho, his love interest.

I am finishing watching the anime tomorrow. I can think of plenty more scenes to share with you already. All I can tell you now is that if you love music you have to give it a try.

And a live-action movie is to be released as I am writing this, too. Hopefully, that will make even more people become acquainted with this anime and the great manga (IE, Japanese comic) it has been based on.

Moon On The Water (AKA “Full Moon Sway”):