The First Video By Uruguayan Band Gamepad Nes Punk

Gamepad Nes Punk

There’s two ways to make music using a Nintendo-related device.

The first involves using a Gameboy:

And the second, a gamepad:

Cool, innit?

What you have just watched is 1.1, the first promotional video released by Uruguayan band Gamepad Nes Punk. They come from the city of San Carlos (Maldonado), and they have a debut album on the horizon. 1.1 is its first promotional single.

Gamepad Nes Punk are signed to Nadiequiere Discos, and I’ll make sure to cover their album when it’s released.

And just for the record, Mario sucked ass. Big time. And so did Sonic, and that clueless two-tailed thing that used to dash behind him. The best superhero to ever grace a videogame? Superfrog! Or alternatively, Zool!

Back when games were games, Team 17 meant business.

I was an Amiga guy. Sorry, can’t help it.

NADIEQUIERE Discos, A New Uruguayan Record Label Launches

A new Uruguayan record label has launched. It is named NADIEQUIERE Discos (official page here, Facebook fan page here), and it has some bands I already covered on MusicKO (such as Casablancas), and other bands like The Bear Season that I’ve always meant to review but that are still on the pipeline because I’m as peripatetic as Ryan Adams. You know, I actually look a lot like Ryan – the only differences are that he has tons of hair, that he can sing and that he can play guitar. Oh, and that he has dated Winona Ryder.

The label also has a good handful of artists that are completely new to me, which isn’t surprising because (as those fabtastic Swedes sang) “I’m living in a box but I come out when opportunity nox”. I hope to get to know them better soon…

In the meantime, give NADIEQUIERE Discos a look (official page, Facebook fan page – whatever excites you more). Of course, you need to understand Spanish to read these pages. But if you don’t, that shouldn’t be that much of a problem. I mean, how many people who are regular opera-goers know Italian? Eh? And how many people could make sense out of the wreck that Tommy was narrative-wise when it was first issued? Poor Pete Townshend, I read he did almost 1,000 interviews to cover those narrative deficiencies. Lessons learned, kids? Do things right the first time around.