“Canción de Cuna” by Nameless (Video)

Nameless Betto Martin

Nameless is a Uruguayan metal band that is about to release its third album, “7 Caminos” [7 Pathways]. Nameless is also one of the three bands that will be opening for Lacuna Coil on the 28th of February, when the seminal Italian band plays in Uruguay for the first time. The other two are Catarsis and Cínica.

By all accounts, it’s going to be a memorable month for the band. And just to set the ball rolling in the best of ways, they have issued an acoustic bonus video to go with their new album.

The song is called “Canción de Cuna” [Lullaby], and it’s an acoustic composition that signals a whole change of pace for the band.

Singer Betto had this to say abut the song on her Facebook profile:

“Lullaby” is a very personal song for us.

We weren’t going to include the song on the album at all, but we grew really fond of its “unplugged” or “raw” version, since it gave the CD a completely different emotional aura.

The photos you can see at the end are true, and they are really ours… each one of them tells a very specific story…  

In my case, it goes along the lines of “we all have that special someone who has taught us how to tie our laces, how to ride a bike, or who has even scolded us for our own good.
This is a song for all of them. Because we all have had that one person who once sang us a lullaby…”

My photo is the third one. I’m on the arms of my dad, who now has got Alzheimer. I miss our conversations more than anything in the world.

Below you’ll find the poster for the band’s upcoming gig in support of Lacuna Coil, along with the clip for the song “Partir” [Parting Away], which was featured on the band’s second album, and which is my favorite song of theirs.

Nameless Lacuna Coil

This is the band’s Facebook profile, and this is its webpage.