Nogeno – Free Pages For Artists

Name: Nogeno

Nogeno is the latest site to be released that makes having a profile page where to promote your music an absolute piece of cake. Thanks to Nogeno, just any musician can have an active presence on the Internet, and include everything from a short bio to a calendar listing his every upcoming date. And all the songs he has recorded so far, of course. He can stream these online by way of the provided player, and also sell them for good money. Any musician who uses Nogeno can start generating a direct income, without A & R men getting in the way of what is rightfully his.

A Nogeno page can be created in a breeze, there’s just nothing technical to do or handle – such is the beauty of sites like this and Onesheet. All you have to do in order to get started is sign in using your Facebook account.

And note that if you already have a Bandcamp or a MySpace profile then you can have all your data imported into Nogeno, and be up and running within minutes. In no case will you have to pay anything – Nogeno is free, and (by the looks of it) will remain like that for good.

The “Music On Facebook” Page Relaunches


Back in 2008, Facebook launched a page for musicians. There, both established and up-and-coming acts were promoted in a bid to make new convert along the way.

At least, that was how things looked on paper. The truth was that MySpace was still the prevalent social site for musicians and music lovers to interact.

Fast forward to the year 2011, and the landscape has been drastically modified. The future of MySpace looks grimmer than ever, and Facebook is going from strength to strength. Its latest incursion into the world of email has met with interest and even outright enthusiasm in some quarters.

And now that MySpace is sinking in the rear view mirror, the Palo Alto company is aiming for the one trophy it could not only take from it back in the day: being the network of choice for musicians. Continue reading