“Mr. Hide”, The First Single From Italian Band The R’s (Video)

“De Fauna Et Flora" is The R's debut album in America. The band is led by bass player (and singer) Pietro Paletti.

A new Italian band, The R’s have just released the first single from their American debut (“De Fauna Et Flora”). The song is called “Mr. Hide”, and it is a fine exploration of duality set to an undiluted pop background.  Suitably-enough, the clip is dominated by black and white. And more mirrors than Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You” video.

What do you think? Is this trio poised for some visibility? Or will the three of them just become Messrs. Hide themselves?

Whatever you opinion is, give “De Fauna Et Flora” a listen. I like many of the songs on the album better than “Mr. Hide” – try out “Colossus”, “Easy Way Out” and the set opener, “On Our Minds”.