If Napster Had Never Existed…

…things would have been a bed of roses for the music industry. Well, that is what most major labels think. They presented a graph in the recent litigation against LimeWire that drove the point home.

napster album sales

Napster Killed The Radio Star...

This is open to endless debate and speculation, of course. Did sales fall by the wayside because music was being pirated, or because the music that many artists were pumping out was substandard? Speak your mind in the “Comments” box below – let it all out…

Music Matters – Combating Piracy In A Fair Way

Name: Music Matters
URL: http://www.whymusicmatters.org

Weighing the pros and the cons of the Internet and the way it has modified how music is consumed always boils down to two arguments. On the plus side, artists nobody would hear about otherwise are brought recognition beyond their wildest dreams. On the down side, music is pirated left, right and center because the act of downloading an album (not to mention a mere song) seems innocuous.

When companies try to impose a solution, they invariably add fuel to the fire. The attempt to close the Pirate Bay had the opposite effect – the number of torrent trackers shot through the roof. It has always been the same all through history – something is prohibited, and people just do it three times more. Just think of the US in 1920, when the Dry Law was enforced.

The best course of action to me should be simply to remind people that what they are doing is wrong without sounding patronizing, and without doling an actual punishment. Because in 8 out of 10 cases these punishments end up affecting those who did go by the rules. Continue reading